Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taco Depot... 4788 Sugarloaf Pkwy Lawrenceville

For lunch we hit up one of our favorite places in Gwinnett... Taco Depot. This is one spot we always thought should be on Diners, Drive inns and Dives. There are many Mexican restaurants in the area but none that are this authentic. The best part are the homemade corn tortillas. Over time we have tried several things on their menu but discovered that you can't go wrong with the pastor tacos, which are their specialty. The pastor is marinated pork stacked high on a spit and is rotated in front of you. It is by far the best meat they have to offer. We ordered three tacos each, they are reasonably priced at $1.35 a taco. The pastor is served in two corn tortillas and topped with cilantro and onions, the meat itself is sweet and crispy. The tacos are served with three salsas, we prefer the green tomatillo one the best, which is slightly spicy and tangy and goes perfect with the pastor. The tacos are garnished with thin slices of radish and lime wedges, the radish adds a crunchy element and the lime brightens the overall flavor of the taco. Although it is small inside, it is bright and comfortable. We like to sit at the taco bar where we can see our food being prepared. Even though it is very authentic don't be intimidated to walk in and order, it is very American friendly. If you are looking for free chips and salsa or cheese dip you might want to try monterays, but as far as traditional street tacos no one in the Atlanta area is doing it better. Overall  this place is the Sh**!!!, these tacos melt in your mouth.                  Taco Depot on Urbanspoon

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