Sunday, September 18, 2011

Footprints Cafe..... Grayson Hwy

Footprints Cafe is a Caribbean restaurant on Grayson Hwy. in Lawrenceville. The decor is really nice, the neon lights give it a night club feel. When we sat down it took awhile to get someone to acknowledge we were there however when we got a server she was very helpful with the menu. The meal started with a sweet Jamaican bread with garlic butter. We ordered the corn fritters as an appetizer but since they were out, we got the cod cakes instead. They were ok, but seemed to resemble a hush puppy more than a fish cake. They are served with tartar sauce or guacamole, we recommend the guacamole. On the table they have a hot sauce that is one of the best I've ever had and went well with the cod cakes and everything else we ordered. For the main course we had the Rasta Pasta with jerk shrimp and coconut curry red snapper and shrimp with beans & rice and mixed veggies. The pasta was creamy and flavorful, the best part was definitely the shrimp which had the best jerk seasoning I've had. The snapper and shrimp were cooked perfectly but i wouldn't suggest the curry, it tasted more like Chinese take out and the coconut flavor was non existent. If I was to order it again I would probably get it jerked. It was relatively expensive but something we would like to try again.
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