Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Uncle Betty's, Snellville

pulled pork

pulled turkey

banana pudding
 We decided on BBQ tonight so we went to Uncle Betty's in Snellville. We had been there about a year ago and had a pretty good experience and thought it would be a great place to review. We wanted combo plates with ribs and chicken but unfortunately they were out of both, so we settled for a pulled pork plate and a turkey plate. For our sides we picked macaroni and cheese, potato salad, baked beans and the vegetable of the day which was broccoli and cheese casserole. The pulled turkey was the first thing we tasted and was the beginning to a very disappointing meal. It was dry and tasted like it had sat in its own juices for days developing a"canned" like texture and flavor. The pork on the other hand had a decent smoke flavor but looked as though it had been pulled hours before and reheated. Luckily they have pretty tasty BBQ sauces, one sweet and the other slightly spicy. There isn't much to say about the beans.. pretty run of the mill, not a lot of seasoning. The broccoli and cheese casserole tasted like a Campbell's soup casserole you've had a thousand times growing up. The potato salad was a good southern potato salad but it did seem as though it was probably pre-made. The best of the four sides was the macaroni and cheese and even that wasn't anything to write home about, but we were just relieved it wasn't Stouffer's. However the corn bread is delicious, instead of the traditional muffin form it is sliced from a loaf and has the consistency and sweetness of a pound cake. We finished with banana pudding, which tastes a lot better than the picture looks. Its sucks we had such a bad experience because our plan was to go there and give it a good review. We showed up only an hour before closing so maybe they weren't at their best. If you have a craving for a BBQ sandwich a side of mac and cheese and a sweet tea Uncle Betty's might do the trick. But if you want some serious BBQ with some flavorful sides this wasn't it. It sucked pig p*cker  
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